ATA Arms move brings growth !

Shotgun manufacturer ATA Arms is growing exponentially, and with new products
set to be released and a new, bigger factory, that success is set to continue. GunTrade
World reveals how this company keeps hitting the target…

The ATA Arms story began in 1955 whencompany founder Celal Yollubegan manufacturing singlebarrelledshotguns from a smallworkshop, mainly to meet localdemand. As the demand for itsproducts increased, the companysteadily!grew.ATA Arms has consistentlyachieved a remarkable annualgrowth rate of around 25 percent in manufacturing outputyear on year, and it has movedfrom its original base in Düzceto Istanbul to improve access toworld markets.Having reached the pointwhere this factory could nolonger improve output tomeet the ever-increasingorders for its growing rangeof guns, now being exportedto 55 countries, in April 2013ATA Arms moved to a new9,000 sq m manufacturing site,also in Istanbul, with doublethe machine capacity of theprevious premises."is expandedfacility, along with its some 250employees, will enable ATA tomeet its customers’ expectationsby maintaining its reputation forproducing high-quality guns.ATA Arms continues toadd value to its products byusing the latest technology toautomate all the manufacturingprocesses."is includes themanufacture of the walnut stockand forends, which are nowmade using simultaneous fiveand six-axis-robot machiningunits."is method ensures all parts are identical, even thoughmass-produced, enabling totalinterchangeability of all woodenparts and also an excellent fi tand finish. In the same way,state-of-the-art machining andproduction methods allow allthe metal components to bemanufactured in a similar, highproductionway, also with perfectinterchangeability.Besides all this investmentin production equipment andskilled staff ,ATA Arms has alsoinvested in the latest methodsto guarantee impeccablequality control by using coordinate-measuring machines(CMMs), optical-measuringsystems and magnetic particleinspection (MPI), which checks components againstany microscopic flaws orcracks. It has also expanded themeasurement and evaluationcapability.ATA’s R&D andengineering fi elds continueto develop existing productlines and introduce new ones."ey are also responsible forintroducing the new highcapacityproduction machineryand equipment. "e ATA Arm’sfactory manager said: “Eachpiece is under complete controlwith ‘Statistical Process Control’methods at all stages and onall the production lines; eachshotgun is 100 per cent testedin accordance with the qualitystandards.”In addition to its existing product range, which is designedusing NX8 and CATIA V5programs,ATA is ready toenter the market with two verydifferent models.First is the ProMax model,which produces a very regularpellet distribution with itsdifferent inner diameter ofcylindrical barrel and is expectedto create an impact."e other new product, theVenza shotgun, is known for itsreduced effect upon the shoulderwhen fired, thanks to its refinedgas-operating system. It has aspecially designed gas pistonand automatic gas release thataccommodates ammunition ofdifferent types and power, whichalso makes it smoother to shootand reduces stress on the gun’scomponents.

ATA Arms’ president YavuzYollu, has announced that he isexpecting to further expand itsrange of products and providenew experiences in hunting andshooting sports to its customerswith a new range of products."is includes rifles, plus otherR&D efforts. He anticipatesthat this will enable ATA toachieve a 25 per cent growthrate again by the end of theyear and continued growththroughout 2014.